Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Graham, I can't believe you're two!

Dear Graham,

You are such a sweet and amazing little man.  You are almost always so happy and excited about life.  You hate to take naps- I think you feel like you’re missing out on something exciting if you sleep.  You love your sister so much, you always have to do stuff just like her, even paint your nails like her! (Daddy let me paint just one toenail to make you happy and I loved it!)  You call her “Kinny,” that is the way you say her name, and we love it so much we all started calling her that.  I hope that you always love your sister that much, and that you will always be her “big brother”- after all, you are 6 minutes older!  Please always watch out for her and protect her. 

You do so many things that make your Daddy and me laugh and smile: You absolutely love to read books, even when you were very little you would sit in our laps and look at the pictures- I hope you become a book worm like me.  You are such a good eater and will try almost anything.  Your favorite thing to eat right now is katsup- you even dip your bananas in katsup! (ewww, gross!)  At night before bedtime you like to cuddle with us in the rocking chair.  That is my favorite time of the day, when I get to snuggle with you.  I sing you our lullabye and you tell me “mommy sing” and then you say “Gahm sing” and then you sing part of it to me, too- I absolutely love it when you sing with your very sweet voice.  And when we pray together and you say "Ah-men!" with such conviction, it makes my heart burst.  Your new favorite best friend is your Polar Bear stuffed animal, you don’t want to go anywhere without him!  And you call all the animals by the sound they make- you call monkeys “ah-ahs!”  When you go to bed, you cuddle with your Jojo in the crook of your neck.  You are a very good helper and like to help me sweep the floor and vacuum, and put things away and it makes me so happy that you are so helpful- I hope you always try to help people when you are older, too.  You give very sweet kisses, and you melt my heart when you smile at me.  You are a very creative and are imaginative when you play, like you swoop the airplane through the air doing loop-de-loops and make engine noises, and you try to fix things with your tools or make soup with your juice in bowls.  You try to say everything Mommy and Daddy say, and you are very good at trying new, big words!  You also want to be so big- you try to climb you’re your chair by yourself and buckle your car seat all by yourself, you want to use a big fork for dinner and don’t want to wear a bib anymore (please don’t grow up too fast!)  Sometimes you are so fearless and want to do everything on your own, but then sometimes you come running back to my arms to protect you.  I hope you will always come to us when you need help or are scared.  Your giggles and belly laugh fill me up with happiness.  I want to tickle you all day just to hear you laugh!  You are so very smart- you figure stuff out all on your own, like how to plug stuff in and how to turn in your toy vacuum cleaner... I think you are going to be an engineer like your Daddy.  Your favorite thing to watch (when you stop long enough to watch tv) is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and you get so excited when you see anything Mickey!  We call you Mam (that’s your sister’s name for you, and it’s so sweet!), Monkey, Bugaboo, and sometimes just Bugga, and sometimes when you’re in big trouble… Graham Michael!  But that isn’t very often J 

You are one of the most fantastic and sweet little guys I know, and I love being your mommy.  You make me so proud every day, and I love watching you become the little man you are meant to be. 
I love you with all my heart,

your sweet face melts my heart <3

Dear Kennedy, I can't believe you're two.

Dear Kennedy,

You are such a sweet, thoughtful little girl.  When your brother is sad or upset, you try to make him happy- you look at him and say “Mam” in your precious little voice that makes me smile.  You love him so much, it melts my heart. You love giving kisses, and I love it when you walk up to me with your face turned up and a little pucker on your lips, ready to give some sugar.  And when you snuggle up with me and put your head on my shoulder I could stay with you like that forever. 

You do so many things that make your Daddy and I smile and laugh: When we go in to tuck you in at night, sometimes one leg is crossed over the other like you’re a little lady (of course, you are!)  You sleep with your Jojo, Jilly and Pincess Kinny Doll, and purple pacie- you can’t sleep without them. Your giggles are contagious and make Graham and everyone else start laughing too.  Your favorite color is purple and you point out everything you see in that color- I can’t believe a 2 year old has a favorite color, but you sure do!  Pink is a close second favorite.  If we guess what you’re talking about or do something you really want us to do, you giggle and it makes me smile.  You name all your dolls and animals by the sounds they make- we have a rocking horse you call “neigh-neigh!”  You LOVE to color, on anything, anywhere.  When you count, you say “seba” for seven and then you giggle.  I think seba is your favorite number, too because you say it the most.  You love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and get so excited when you see Minny Mouse, you call her “Mimmy!”  When you eat, you take tiny little bites- so very dainty.  You are such a girl!  You like to wear necklaces and hats, pretty bows, paint your nails, you love your pierced ears (your pretties) and you always pick out the cutest shoes to go with your outfits.  You play so well with your brother- most of the time!  When you sleep, your eyelashes look like butterfly wings on your sweet cheeks.  You are just precious, and I could spend my life watching you sleep.  You wear your heart on your sleeve- you are very passionate about everything you do whether you are happy and giggling or sad and your feelings are hurt.  You love getting tickled, and we love tickling you because it makes you giggle so much.  You are so beautiful, but you are the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen when you are laughing and smiling and loving life.  You are so independent sometimes and like to do stuff on your own.  You are spreading your wings and becoming such a strong-willed little girl, but you still need your mommy and daddy- I hope you will always need us.  I love the way you say “thank you,” sweet girl.  When you get so excited, you say “OH BOY!” and you get excited a lot; your favorite thing to do is to “wim!!!” and your Papa Don bought you a swing for your birthday to share with Graham and Amelia.  When we whisper “I love you” into your ear, you whisper “ahwewee” back and that is one of the sweetest things I’ve heard you say.  We call you Kinny (that’s what your brother calls you!), Kendy, Sweet Girl, and Cutie Patootie. 

You’re one of the most precious little girls I have ever met, and I am honored to be your mommy.  You make me so proud every day, and I love watching you become the little girl that you are supposed to be. 

I love you with all my heart,

you have such a sweet face :)