Sunday, August 28, 2011


The babies love dancing to the music.  We've put together a short video with their favorite song.  It's on tv a lot in the mornings when we are getting ready for the day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Visit With Jill and Kinley (A much overdue blog post!)

Once a year we head to the airport to pick up Aunt Jilly for her Annual St. Louis Trip to the Horstmann's.  It's a huge event for us ;)  This year (in July), Jill brought Kinley Rae with her!  Kinley will be 1 year in a week or so, it's great that they're all pretty close in age.  Kennedy and Graham were SO excited to have a friend to play with! 

our sweet little ones sharing a snack, literally.  Everyone drank each others juice and ate each other's goldfish.  It's all in the family, right? 

Graham and Kinley taking time to pose for the camera. 

Three of my favorite girls- Kinley, Jilly and Kennedy!

The first night they all needed a bath, so into the tub they went.  It was like they've done it every night of their lives.  Aunt Jilly and Aunt Heather had so much fun playing in the suds with these cuties!

We take a time-out from our regularly scheduled program... the Friday night that Jill and Kinley were visiting, Tim took K and G to a family wedding.  Kennedy is showing off her sassy outfit!  She looks ready to salsa :)

Graham looks as handsome as ever.  I think he's saying "Oh Dad, let's get this over with"

Saturday the girls all went out shopping- we hit our old stomping ground, Chesterfield Mall and shopped 'til we dropped. (I stole this picture from Jill's blog- thanks girl!) We had the girls dressed in matching pillowcase dresses. They were so cute! All day long, we were asked if they were twins. We finally just told people they were cousins. I mean, they might as well be!
The last night Jill and Kinley were in town the little ones had a great time playing together and sharing Puffs, a favorite bedtime snack. 

Kinley and Aunt Jilly being silly girls.  They made us laugh all weekend, and we had so much fun!  We already can't wait until next year!  Love you, girls!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our First Cardinal Game

It's been a long time coming, we finally got to go to our first Cardinals game!  We got the kids dressed up in their Cards shirts, loaded up our bags with juice and Cracker Jacks (okay, well grapes and goldfish) and headed for the ballpark.  Graham and Kennedy were so excited!  They were a little more enthralled with all the stuff going on around them than the game, but it's a start :)  Maybe next time we'll try some cotton candy and nachos! 

I'm ready for the game to start!

Sitting with mommy

Go Pujols!

When can we get some cotton candy?

What a great day.  Go Cards!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our first trip to the zoo

Last Tuesday, Tim took the day off so we all could go to the zoo for the first time.  Of course, we picked the hottest day of the week where temperatures were forecasted to be over 100.  We were there when it opened at 8, so it wasn't very crowded at all.  The petting zoo and carousel were free until 9, which was another bonus. 

The kids loved it!  They were watching all the animals and pointing and laughing. 

We'll add pictures later.  Kennedy didn't care for the penguin house too much, so we rushed through it.  We think their favorite part was seeing the JoJo's (translation: giraffes).  We can't wait to go back again next year and see more animals! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At the playground with friends

When Graham and Kennedy were born, many of our friends were having babies also.  Last weekened we got together with a few of Tim's friends from college (Rolla).  We all met at a playground for the kids to run around.  Then, when it got too hot, we all headed over to Red Robin for some dinner.  They were very accomodating, considering there were 10 adults and 6 kids under the age of two.

The oldest "baby" is two, and the youngest just turned a year, with a few more babies on the way!

We had a great time with everyone- the kids all had fun playing and being silly, and the adults all loved catching up with each other.  It was decided all the kids are going to Rolla, and maybe we'll make a few matches ;)  We'll have to plan another get-together when everyone is headed back to St. Louis!