Thursday, June 30, 2011

Child proof locks?

No match for this 15 month old...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day and New pics

What a fantastic day!  Tim came home from a week-long business trip to India, it was Father's Day, and we had family pictures... Tim was just in time to join us for a few shots. 

Kennedy poses for her picture!

the Horstmann men with their babies :)  Three generations!  What a cool pic for Father's day! 
(by the way, Kennedy is imitating her Aunt Lucy, who is doing jumping jacks)

cousin Abby is trying to love on Graham!

Pretty girl, Kennedy

the Horstmann cousins!

Graham in a calm moment

What sweet babies!  Well, not really babies anymore...they're 15 months old!

Thank you Aunt Lucy for coming to St. Louis to do the family pictures, they turned out fantastic!  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Estes Park Video

Here's a very short video of our trip.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our vacation to Estes Park

The day that school let out for the summer, we left to drive out to Estes Park, Colorado.  Heather had been with her parents and the babies last July, and they all loved it so much we decided to all go back this year!  Tim was worried about the drive out there, but Kennedy and Graham were fantastic!  (we did have a little help from Mickey Mouse and his friends... Hot Dog!)

Our first full day out there- Sunday- Tim and Grandpa Don went to Coors Field in Denver to watch the Cardinals beat the Rockies.  Woohoo!  The weather was fantastic, and it was neat to see the Cards play in a different stadium. 
Monday the weather was a lot cooler.  We all drove up into Rocky Mountain National Park, and the views were breath-taking.  Well, so was the wind actually.  It was COLD, and SNOWING in the mountains!  We still got out of the car for a few photo ops...

Mommy and Kennedy smiling for the camera :)

we're ready to go rock climbing!

Tim looking out on a valley.  You can see in the background the mountains look like they're covered in fog- that is actually snow!  Even though the day was clear, we were still getting some snow blow where we were standing!  Cold, but gorgeous!  Below Tim, there were a TON of elk grazing in the valley. 

One of the days, Tim and Heather got to go to the infamous Stanely Hotel.  Does that ring a bell?  F.O. Stanley, known for his part in designing the Stanley Steam car, built this "little guest house" for his wife.  Now it is a hotel, that is said to be haunted!  We took a ghost tour, and learned a lot about the Stanleys, the property, and the ghosts that haunt the hotel. Steven King stayed in room 217 and had experiences that inspired the Shining.  Very cool- we want to go back and do a night ghost adventure :)

We rented these very cool kiddie backpacks and were able to hike with the kids on our backs.  Tim and Graham got ready to hike around Bear Lake in the National Park...

Grandpa Don got to hike with Kennedy-

well, at least that was the plan until we walked to the lake only to discover it was covered in ice and snow!  The rangers we met along our hike told us there was about 5 feet of snow on top of the lake!  (by the way, the picture Heather took was across the lake- all that snow is on top of the water!)  So we ended up hiking over snow around part of the lake, and then we turned around to go back to the warm car! 

Doesn't that just make you want to make some snowmen?  ;)

We just wore Graham right out! 

Then next day we decided to try again, and went to Lily Lake, which was at a  lower elevation (no snow).  The kids really enjoyed it.  Actually, we all did!

Mommy got to hike with Graham this time :)  He was a great companion!

When we got back to the cabin  from our hike, we really needed a nap.  Graham was game, Kennedy... not so much

We enjoyed the hike so much we decided to go back and try it again, this time hiking up a trail carved into the hillside.  It was amazing!  We hiked the trails around Lily Lake, then went across the highway to attempt the hike up Twin Peaks Trail.  We got about half way up before we hit a lot of snow on the switchbacks (trail) and decided that was enough for the day.  We can't wait to go back again and make it all the way to the top! 

Our vacation was also the babies first experience in a pool!  Isn't Kennedy precious in her little bikini?  Love this picture, she looks like such a diva-girl! 

Here's Graham, monkeying around!

They really loved being in the water- as long as Mommy and Daddy were holding them :)  Look at Kennedy's face- she's having a BLAST!  This is one of my favorite pictures. 

We really did have a fantastic time, just the right combination of relaxation and adventure.  It was a great way to start off the summer!