Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Sweet Things You Say...

Graham and Kennedy, you are so verbal now and we love it!  You go from melting our hearts to cracking us up in a flash.  I wish you would keep on saying the cute little things you say for a long time, but we already hear you changing your tune.  DON'T GROW UP TOO FAST!  You can keep on calling tomatoes "penoes" for a while.

Here are some of the things we've heard you say that we absolutely adore, and had to write it all down before we forgot or before you quit saying it!

Flamingos (one of Kennedy's favorite animals right now) is Mingo-mingos.
As mentioned above, tomatoes are "penoes" although now it's evolving to "teano"
Anything baseball is "Cardinals" and you love your "Friendbird" pillow, Graham.
You both love going to "gynastics"
Kennedy, when we pray you thank God for our "lessons" but you really mean blessings ;)
You both LOVE to "weem!" on the swing at Papa's house- or anything else you can find to swing on.
Both of you like to pretend you're going to work, you pack up your bags and say "Bye-bye, see ya, have a good day."
Graham, you love to help out around the house.  "Vacunuming" is your favorite.
And both of you love to eat "chuckin" nuggets (but Graham is the one that says it like that!)  you also love to eat Mac N Cheese.
Kennedy still sometimes says "Seba" for seven when she's counting ;)  Love it!
You are both very independent- everything is "No, I do it!"
Graham, you tell us "I love you too to moon!"
You love to eat "numnums" (M&Ms) for a special treat, and when you get something special you call it a "Huprise!" (surprise).
And a carousel is a "Round and Round"
Bananas are "Bias"
Hoola hoops are "wiggle wiggle"
Water guns are "bujsh bujsh"s (because that's what sound it makes!)
You both call chapstick "chuzstip" and I love it :)
Graham calls octopuses "optacpus"
Kennedy, you call cantalope "cantanote" which is also the word you use for antelope- it can be very confusing ;)
Graham, anything with -an on the end of it automatically gets a -t as well.  "snowmant" "firemant"...
We finally figured out that "ahdida" meant what is that?  But it has now become "Was that, Mom?" to everything!  Graham you are so curious!  Kennedy, you are too but you seem to be the more imaginative and creative one.

Kennedy, you are definitely getting bossy asserting yourself.  The other day I asked Graham a question, and he didn't answer, so you told him "Graham, say UH-HUH!"  And you told Papa Don, who was trying to help you eat your chocolate cake by putting a bite on your fork "Put it down!  Right there!" (pointing to the exact spot that you wanted it on your plate)

Graham, you helped Mommy open birthday presents and when we got the wrapping off you said "oh, it's gorgeous!"  And Kennedy said "Happy birthday Mommy, I get to blow out the candles!"

Graham, the other day when it was storming a lot Daddy told you that God was watering the flowers.  A little bit later when we were all cuddling in bed together and waiting out the storm, you raised your precious little head and said "Is God done yet?"

And Kennedy, I really did just hear you say "Okay Graham, it's Kinny's turn when I count to five!  One, two, three..."