Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October 2011

Wow, what a busy month!  Its been a while since the last post, so we have a lot of pictures to share.

At the beginning of October, we went to visit the pumpkin patch.  We went last year and it was cold and wet.  This year was perfect weather, and the kids had a blast!

Thats a small pumpkin!

Chillin' in the cart

This is fun!

A kiss...

Do you see it grandpa?

Look at all these big pumpkins!

Pull us dad, we're getting tired.

See the horsey?!

Havin' fun with our cousin Amelia.

We even tried to play in the leaves.  After all, it IS fall!  Unfortunately, they were a little freaked out...

We don't like the leaves!

We even got them scary pjs!  They glow in the dark, which is so funny to see them running around.

Our skeleton pjs


There was even a lot of late nights watching the Cardinals win it all!  Way to go David Freese!

Go Cardinals!  11 in '11

It was also our neice, Abigail's first birthday. You can see she loved the cake!

Face full of cake!

Halloween was even more fun!  Heather had the best idea for their costumes.  It took the kids a while to understand the whole treak-or-treating thing.  Kennedy kept trying to put the candy back into the bowls as the neighbors were trying to place the candy into their baskets.  After a while, they got the hang of it and loved it!


Peanut butter...


I'm ready!

Me too!

Happy Halloween!