Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome 2 our Zoo!

Welcome 2 our Zoo!

We wanted to celebrate the Kennedy and Graham turning two with family and friends- so our house literally turned into a zoo!  So our little monkeys fit right in :)

lots of balloons and cupcakes, stuffed animals hanging around- the house was festive if nothing else!

we had tons of cupcakes- so many that my cupcake tree couldn't hold them all!  So I turned to pinterest for some ideas... some cardboard from the bakery, scrapbooking paper, cans and ribbon- viola!  Cupcake tower!

 I'm glad I made such a big one- we needed the room!

We had lions... 

And Ah-ahs (monkeys)... 

and Jo-Jos (giraffes) for Kennedy

... and i think the elephants were by far the cutest!

I spent over 10 hours on these lovely cupcakes- we baked 4 different kinds and had 4 different animals... so if I ever decide to quit teaching to open a bakery somewhere, will someone kindly remind me of the animal cupcakes?  I don't think people would be able to afford my creations!  :)  But there were rave reviews and everyone said they were delicious- and even more importantly the kids absolutely loved them.  So time very well spent!

 We were so happy that so many people were able to celebrate with us- luckily it was a very nice day outside, so a lot of people enjoyed the weather in the backyard.

the Short cousins- Kennedy and Amelia 

having fun in the playroom with our friends

Momma and the birthday girl 

our friends Emily and Jen

Jean Marie and Paige

Uncle Steve, Aunt Theresa, and Jacob

cousins Adalyn and Amanda

we finally got to dig into our presents- it was hard to wait!

Graham loved his new Cardinals jacket- he had to stop opening presents just to put it on!

in fact he loved his jacket so much, he cried when we made him take it off so he wouldn't get cupcake on it!

but Kennedy had no problem digging into her cupcake!

lovin' the giraffe!

... but don't worry- Graham finally got to eat his cupcake :) 

our friends Angela and Sophia and Aunt Becca singing Happy Birthday

Angie and Rachel waiting for some cupcakes

we had time to play outside with some of our new toys- we got a really cool pirate ship pool from Uncle Chris, Aunt Megan, Grandma Kim and Grandpa Don.  We can't wait for this summer so we can go swimming!

 And we got an awesome new wagon from Grandma Diane, Grandpa Glenn, Great-Grandma Aubuchon, Aunt Becca, Uncle Chris, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Theresa

we love it!  we got to take turns getting wagon rides in the backyard with our friends

 everyone had a blast playing with our new slide, too!

Graham was pretending to shoot water out of the cannon on the pirate ship :)  I just LOVE watching their imaginations grow by leaps and bounds!

and last but not least, we got this great picture of cousins Abby and Graham that Uncle Chris sent us.  Aren't they cute?!?!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2nd Birthday Video

Here's a short video from their 2nd birthday.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Monkeys!

I know, I know... it's been a long time since we posted.  Well, what can I say except we have two fantastic children that are so full of life, we are enjoying every minute of it!  But slacking on our blog- sorry :\  We will try to be better, promise!

The day of their birthday was a Friday- Tim took the day off to get the house party-ready and to put together the kids birthday present...(I wanted to take the day off to play with them, but I had a big meeting for work:(  We woke them up singing "Happy to You!" (their version of the happy birthday song) and got lots of sweet kisses.

don't they look SO BIG?!?  How did we get here so fast?

we surprised them by hanging this birthday banner the night before.  
They loved the "Ah-ahs" (that's what they call monkeys)

After we picked them up from the babysitters, we played outside and then showed them their birthday present from Daddy and Mommy- it's a Slide- WEEE!

they climbed right on, like pros!

After we had a dinner of their favorites- hotdogs and peas for Kennedy and fish sticks for Graham, we took them to Orange Leaf for ice cream!  They were crazy, running up to people and being very social- they must have been very excited about their birthday :)  

After ice cream we threw them into the bathtub, and then they got to open more presents.  Our house guest, MC got them some outfits he picked out himself, and he was excited for them to open his gifts!  

All in all, it was a great birthday- we can't believe they are TWO!!  We'll have to dedicate a whole new post to their birthday party- it was a zoo!