Thursday, November 25, 2010

This Year I am SO Thankful

There are so many things in my life that I am thankful for, it's hard to even begin to list them all!  But I can try :)

My beautiful, funny, sweet, adorable, lovable, crazy-fun babies Graham and Kennedy
My husband...
Pediatricians that take last-minute appointments
       ...and while we're at it, Gastric Reflux medicine and Pediatric GIs
Snuggly pajamas
An amazing husband that does more than the lion's share around the house so I can spend time with my babies
Hamburger Helper
Slobbery kisses from the kids! 
A wonderful job that lets me revel in my inner science nerd, and maybe rub off on the young, impressionable minds of my students a a little bit?
My super husband who understands that my job isn't 9-5... It's 5-9 + weekends :(
Itty-bitty socks that go on itty-bitty toes
My babies' smiles when I walk in the door, or make a funny face, or just because I'm Mommy- their smiles are delicious
Cool whip- yep, I can eat the whole tub by myself.
Four parents who are excited about being grandparent, love to babysit, and any other excuse to spend time with their grandchildren
My sweet new niece Abigail and one on the way- Amelia Bug!
Plus our nephew Jacob, who is growing so fast!
My sewing machine that is collecting dust- I have lots of projects for you!
Baby soft skin and snuggles at bedtime
Sweet puppies that love me no matter how I neglect them
Buddha bellies just after mealtime, those round, healthy baby bellies thatare so kissable!
My elliptical machine that never lets me down
Jillian and Bob, who enjoy working me to death via DVDs
Fantastic friends, new and old
That amazing smell of baby just after they get out of the bathtub
Belly laughs that Tim can get out of them when he kisses their cheeks with his whiskery-face.  I love those laughs, they are contagious!
Our babysitter, who loves my kids almost as much as I do
A plethora of Christmas decorations waiting patiently to come out of their boxes.  Woohoo!
Vera Bradley- all her stuff is so cute but my absolute fave is Java Blue (please don't ever retire it!)
"Sleeping in" one day a week
Getting to watch my Graham and Kennedy learn new things- they are such smart little ones
My husband who loves me regardless of all my imperfections

P.S. What I am NOT thankful for this Thanksgiving: nasty viruses that make my little man have a fever, diarrhea, and feel all around miserable.  Or double ear infections that make my sweet little girl crabby and just not herself :(

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movin' around - 8 months

A lot has been happening with the babies over the past few weeks.  They sure aren't just laying around anymore.  Kennedy has learned how to bounce and is army crawling all over the place.  She is starting to try to pull herself up also.  Graham is walking along objects like a pro.  He may be walking on his own by Christmas...

Check out the video below.  We think the music fits perfectly.  : )

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Pics - 8 months

Two weeks ago, we had a family friend of Heather's take some family pictures for us.  Previously, we've had Tim's aunt Lucy take pictures and she always does such a fabulous job, but we feel bad asking her to drive all this way every time.  : )  The day was gorgeous, and the pictures turned out great.  Except for the fact that Kennedy did NOT want to sit down by her self.  Check out some of our favorites below.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8 months old!

Happy 8 month Day to our babies!  You guys are so amazing, you make us laugh every day.  You are so much fun to hang out with... the best parts of our days are coming home to spend time with you.  We can't wait to continue to watch you grow and be your wonderful selves- but don't grow up too fast, please! 

we're getting so big!

literally LOL!

Such a happy girl!  This is Kennedy's mood most of the time.

This past month they have continued to amaze us.  Kennedy is starting to rock on all fours and scoots across the floor like she's swimming.  She'll be crawling any day!  Her teeth continue to grow- she looks like a piranha :)  And she's starting to talk.  Yesterday she said "hayda!" looking at Tim.  Our loose translation is "hi dad!"  Graham is our little active man.  He mastered crawling and moves across the room in seconds.  Now he's pulling himself up on the couch, coffee table, anything that is sturdy basically!  He's up and down, bouncing off one thing then the next.  Now that he's standing with the support of something, he can "walk" along it in his little shuffle steps.  It's hard to keep up with both of them!  Oh, and he's just like Daddy- his favorite electronic toy is the remote control. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Twins interacting - 7 months

It's fun to see the twins starting to interact with each other.  Its always random...  Sometimes, they could care less whether the other one is there, but at other times, they just talk and smile at each other.  We finally were able to catch some moments on video - both the good and bad...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome Abigail Horstmann!

Monday evening, Tim's younger brother Chris and his wife Rebecca welcomed into this world their daughter, Abigail Annette Horstmann.  She is a beautiful baby girl, just perfect.  They both intended to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, which they successfully did, so we didnt know whether it would be a boy or girl.  Come to find out - Chris couldn't wait so he found out at their last ultrasound a few months ago, but Becca didn't want to know.  He did such a good job of keeping it a secret.  Kennedy, Graham, and our newphew Jacob have a new cousin to play with!  Congrats!

 Aunt Heather holding Abby for the first time

Sweet little girl... 

Uncle Tim holding Abby for the first time 

Proud Daddy!

Proud Mommy!  Abigail is checkin' you out with her big eyes!

We are so proud of Rebecca and Abigail- we love you!