Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movin' Around

Last night Tim and I were relaxing after a long day, and I felt a kick! Even though I know there are babies growing inside me, sometimes it seems surreal- all I have to show for it is a slightly larger belly and heartburn. I get emails telling me how big the babies are (they are little shrimps this week, by the way!) and describing how they are developing and it's hard to believe all of that is going on inside me. It's amazing now to feel them moving inside! I haven't felt anything since then, but that one kick was reassuring enough- for now! I do hope they continue to let me know they are down there, getting ready to meet us!

In the meantime, we went to Babies R Us yesterday to start shopping. We want to compare different brands and products before we actually buy or register for anything. We found out that since we are having two babies, we are really limited in stroller choices that fit two pumpkin seats- and of course they are more expensive! My head was spinning by the time we left, it was all so overwhelming! At least now we have an idea of where to begin. And we realized we have a lot to learn about babies!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

3 months!

We are officially 12 weeks pregnant today. We can't believe how fast the time has flown by since we got the news that we were having twins! On we found out the babies are about the size of limes, and growing every day. They are starting to form reflexes and their neural synapses are increasing every day- that means their little brains are developing fast! Their kidneys are starting to function, too. Our sweet peas are about 2 inches long, each.

My little baby bump is growing, too. Just this past week it has grown enough to start showing, and my students have noticed the difference. I have been feeling great, except for the cold I came down with the other day. One of the little darlings at school was determined to share their germs with me. :( So Tim has been taking care of me this weekend.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

10 weeks

According to, the babies are the size of a kumquat. What is that, you might ask? Well...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 1/2 week checkup

Can you believe we're already 9.5 weeks along?!? It's amazing that just 10 weeks ago we were praying so much for just one little baby, and now we're planning for two! I haven't felt many symptoms of being pregnant, thankfully. I get asked every day if I have morning sickness, but thankfully I'm able to say no (knock on wood!). I do get really tired a lot and have to take naps and go to bed a little earlier than usual, but that just means the babies are growing strong. Lately I have experienced a little dizziness and lightheadedness, but the doctor thinks it's due to increased blood flow and not getting enough calories. It's hard to add an extra 600 calories a day!

Our OB/Gyn says everything is looking perfect- Baby A's heartbeat was 175 and it is about 1 1/8th inch and Baby B's heartbeat was 178 and it's a little over an inch as well. The best part was, we got to see them moving around!! Oh, they are little wiggle worms! We think Baby A is more like Tim because it was stretched out and hogging the space (like Tim hogs the covers!) and Baby B is like me, all curled up.

You can see Twin A's head on the left and the little arms and legs sticking out!

Twin B's little rump is up in the "air", it's head on the left pointing downward

Both babies: Twin B at the top left, Twin A bottom right. This is probably the last picture we'll get of the both of them together until after they're born!

We could have watched them moving around forever on the ultrasound screen. Such beautiful little babies! I'm enjoying being pregnant, but I can't wait to meet them and hold them... 6ish months to go. We have another appointment in 4 weeks, but it probably is just a checkup, no ultrasound. Until then, we know they are growing big and strong!